Implementing Voting

Using discord.js or any other node.js library? Check out the official discordbotlist library!

Voting is what drives visibility on By rewarding users for voting, you can create a loyal user base that will continue to vote for your bot and increase your visibility on the list.

Vote rewards can be used to unlock features within your bot, such as exclusive commands or currency. This is a great way to reward your loyal users and encourage them to use and share your bot even more. By unlocking new features, you can incentivise users to vote more often and rank your bot higher on the list.

Bots are ranked by votes on all pages, based on the number of votes they have received in the past 12 hours. Users can vote once per 12 hours.

A vote webhook can be set on the "Edit Bot" page - alongside a secret to verify the HTTP request is coming from Use this to reward your users. See more - Vote Webhooks

Alternatively, you can use the GET Votes endpoint.

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